DESCRIPTOR: High School Position

DEFINITION: The academic standing of a student in the graduating class at the high school described in data element HSCH (High School Code).

VALUES: 0000-9999


NOTE: This field will be used primarily in the analysis of first-time freshmen. To calculate high school rank in other than tenths, divide high school position by high school size, (e.g. HSPOS/HSSIZE).

SOURCE: USC Enrollment File

EXAMPLE: To select students that graduated first in their high school class, type HSPOS=1 in the WHERE statement. To select students that graduated in the top quarter of their class (excluding missing values), type 0<=(HSPOS/HSSIZE)<=0.25 in the WHERE statement. If only (HSPOS/HSSIZE)<=0.25 in typed into the WHERE statement, missing values will be included in the output.