DESCRIPTOR: Race/Ethnicity

DEFINITION: Categories of student and faculty race or ethnic origin as defined by the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES).  Racial/Ethnic designations as they are used here do not denote scientific definitions of anthropological origins. If a student classifies himself/herself in more than one racial category, the institution must report only one of the classifications. Resident aliens, who are not citizens or nationals of the United States and who have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence (and who hold alien registration receipt cards - Form 1-551/155), are to be reported in the appropriate racial/ethnic categories along with United States citizens.


1 = Hispanic

2 = American Indian/Alaska Native

3 = Asian

4 = Black or African American

5 = Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

6 = White

7 = Two or More Races

8 = Non-Resident Alien

9 = Unknown



SOURCE: CHE Enrollment, Completions, and Faculty Files

EXAMPLE: To select students who are Hispanic, type IPEDS='1' in the WHERE clause.