DESCRIPTOR: High School Prerequisite 2 MATH

DEFINITION: Three units of high school mathematics: These include Algebra I (for which Applied Mathematics I and II may count together as a substitute, if a student successfully completes Algebra II); Algebra II; and Geometry. A fourth mathematics course is strongly recommended. This fourth course should be selected from among pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, or discrete mathematics.



NOTE: This is the official definition developed by Academic Affairs and approved by the Commission on Higher Education for minimum high school course requirements for admission to any college in South Carolina.  This field will be used primarily in the analysis of first-time freshmen.  It is not applicable to international students or students who completed high school with a GED. 

SOURCE: CHE Enrollment File

EXAMPLE: To select students who met the high school Math Prerequisite, type PREQ2 = '1' in the WHERE clause.