VARIABLE NAME: PREQ3 (Before Fall 2001)

DESCRIPTOR: High School Prerequisite 3 LAB SCIENCE

DEFINITION: Two units of high school laboratory science: at least one unit each of two laboratory sciences chosen from biology, chemistry, or physics. Two units of the same science will not meet this requirement, but taking one from all three will be helpful. Courses in earth science or physical science will not meet this requirement.



NOTE: This is the official definition developed by Academic Affairs and approved by the Commission on Higher Education for minimum high school course requirements for admission to any college in South Carolina.  This field will be used primarily in the analysis of first-time freshmen.  It is not applicable to international students or students who completed high school with a GED. 

SOURCE: CHE Enrollment File

EXAMPLE: To select students who met the requirements for the high school Lab Science prerequisite, type PREQ3 = '1' in the WHERE clause.