VARIABLE NAME: PREQ6 (Revised Fall 2001)

DESCRIPTOR: High School Prerequisite 6 ELECTIVES

DEFINITION: Four college preparatory units must be taken from at least three different fields selected from among Computer Science, English, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Laboratory Science (excluding earth science, general physical science, general environmental science, or other introductory science courses for which biology and/or chemistry is not a prerequisite), Mathematics above the level of Algebra II, and Social Sciences.  It is suggested that one unit be in Computer Science which includes programming (i.e., not just keyboarding) and one unit in Fine Arts (appreciation of, history, or performance).



NOTE: This is the official definition developed by Academic Affairs and approved by the Commission on Higher Education.  This field will be used primarily in the analysis of first-time freshmen.  It is not applicable to international students or students who completed high school with a GED.

SOURCE : CHE Enrollment file

EXAMPLE: To select students who met the requirements for the high school Electives prerequisite, type PREQ6='1' in the WHERE clause.