Data Dictionary

(for Summer 2013 and earlier)

Performance Variables

New - Beginning Fall 2008
GRE Quantitative (GREQUAN)
GRE Analytical (GREANT)
GMAT Quantitative (GMATQUAN)
MAT Quantitative (MATQUAN)
Pre-Semester USC Cumulative GPA (PRECGPA)
Post-Semester USC Cumulative GPA (POSTCGPA)

ACT Composite Score (ACTCOMP)
ACT English Score (ACTENGL)
ACT Math Score (ACTMATH)
Age (AGE)
Collegiate Total GPA (CLTOTGPA)
Collegiate Grade Hours (COLTOTGH)
Collegiate Grade Points (COLTOTGP)
Collegiate Hours Carried (COLTOTHC)
Collegiate Hours Earned (COLTOTHE)
High School GPA (HSGPA)
High School Position (HSPOS)
High School Size (HSSIZE)
Non-USC Grade Hours (NUSCGH)
Non-USC Grade Points (NUSCGP)
Non-USC Hours Carried (NUSCHC)
Non-USC Hours Earned (NUSCHE)
SAT Math Score (SATM)
SAT Verbal Score (SATV)
SAT Total Score (SATT)
Semester Hours Carried (CRDHRS)
USC Grade Hours (USCGH)
USC Grade Points (USCGP)
USC Hours Carried (USCHC)
USC Hours Earned (USCHE)



Row/Column Variables

New - Beginning Fall 2008
Capstone Scholar Indicator (CAPSIND)
Carolina Scholar Indicator (CAROIND)
McNair Scholar Indicator (MCNIND)
South Carolina Honors College Indicator (SCHCIND)

Area of Emphasis (AOE)
Campus (CAMPUS)
Citizenship (Y/N) (CITZ)
Class Level (CLASS)
Country of Citizenship (COUNTRY)
County (SC) (CNTYID)
Degree Sought (DEGREE)
Degree Awarded (DEGAWD)
Degree Level (DEGLEV)
Department (DEPT)
Fee Class (NEWFEECL)
Fee Residency (RESCLASS)
Full or Part Time Enrollment Status (ENROLL)
Gender (M/F) (GENDER)
High School Code (HSCH)
High School Graduation Year (HSGYR)
High School Rank (%) (HSRKPERC)
Honors Indicator (HONIND)
Housing (HOUSING)
Institution Code (INSTCD)
Legal Residency (LEGRES)
Major (MAJOR)
Minor (MINOR)
New/Continuing Enrollment Status (REGSTAT)
Prerequisite 1 English (Before Fall 2001) (PREQ1)
Prerequisite 1 English (Revised Fall 2001) (PREQ1)
Prerequisite 2 Math (PREQ2)
Prerequisite 3 Lab Science (Before Fall 2001) (PREQ3)
Prerequisite 3 Lab Science (Revised Fall 2001) (PREQ3)
Prerequisite 4 Foreign Language (PREQ4)
Prerequisite 5 Defined Elective (Before Fall 2001) (PREQ5)
Prerequisite 5 Social Science (Revised Fall 2001) (PREQ5)
Prerequisite 6 U.S. History (Before Fall 2001) (PREQ6)
Prerequisite 6 Electives (Revised Fall 2001) (PREQ6)
Prerequisite 7 Social Studies (Before Fall 2001) (PREQ7)
Prerequisite 7 (Revised Fall 2001) (PREQ7)
Prerequisite 8 Physical Education (PREQ8)
Program Description (School/Major) (PROG)
Program Code (CIP) (PROGCD)
Program Code Suffix (CIP Suffix) (SUF)
Race/Ethnicity (RACE)
School (SCHOOL)
Second Major (MAJOR2)
State of Origin (STCD)
Student Category (Undergrad/Grad/First Prof) (STUCATE)
Student Type (Fee Class) (INDEFST)
Student Level (STULVL)
Student Fee Type (STUFEETP)
Term Applied for Admission (TERMAPL)
Undergraduate Degree (Graduate Students) (UGDEG)

To find more variables used in University datasets, see the USC Codebook.